The 5 symptoms that prove you have hemorrhoids

Symptom and hemorrhoids: the test

Rest assured everyone hemorrhoids. What will make the difference is the extent of the latter and the inconvenience. Did you know that French 2, more than 50 years, has already suffered from this condition? So why did not we talk freely? Probably because the affected area (rectum and anus) make it feel embarrassed to talk to their doctor or pharmacist.

But first, what is a hemorrhoid. This is simply dilated veins found in the anal area. A bit like varicose veins you can have in the legs. Except that it’s very embarrassing and painful both for most people who suffer.

To ensure that these are hemorrhoids that you have, here are the symptoms x to check (beware, this does nothing excluded medical advice):

  • Itches
  • Bleeding when you go to the toilet
  • Pain, even if they are not specific to hemorrhoids (see a doctor)
  • A protuberance orca you run your finger in your anus.

If the 5 symptoms are met, then you’re likely to have hemorrhoids. I repeat once again, it will still be going to make a diagnosis from your doctor to be sure it’s right. A not something more serious example.

Now that you are that you are prone to hemorrhoids, this is a natural techniques (among others to end this condition).

Hemorrhoid: a natural solution

When suffering from hemorrhoids, often only one idea in mind, get rid of it as quickly as possible. For this we are often ready to take the first comers medicines, see to have surgery in the most extreme case. The only problem is that it does not guarantee you anything they do not return. In fact, hemorrhoids are more had to a lifestyle than anything else.

So you have to look at first your plate.

For this technique, it will bring you organic cider vinegar. Very easy to find anywhere in organic grocery store in your area (avoid that sold in supermarkets or the word BIO is only marketing).

You can use it in 2 ways:

  • Pour 2 teaspoons in a glass of water and drink it one hour before each meal
  • Soak a cotton vinegar and apply it 10 minutes your hemorrhoids.

For the second way, it is possible that it stings at first. This is perfectly normal and should disappear fairly quickly. Well, it’ll just test everything.

» The 5 symptoms that prove you have hemorrhoids