The 4 causes (real) your hemorrhoids

You suffer from hemorrhoids but you do not know the causes? In the following article, you will discover where they come and so, how best to get rid of it. Take note of what you probably have the solution to your problems in the following lines .

4 The real causes of hemorrhoids

If it can relieve you, know that more than one in two under 50 years already suffered from hemorrhoids. And to better support them, it is important to know their causes. Of course, there are several and purpose of this article is to isolate the why and how to get rid better without.

Cause 1: heredity

I begin this series with the less fortunate. Even if the subject is rather taboo, try to see who in your family suffers from hemorrhoids because the crisis that you typed last night and maybe simply due to a genetic predisposition.

Just that you have lit the fuse with one of the reasons that follow, and welcome to the wonderful country of hemorrhoids. To get rid of them, only one solution, having an impeccable lifestyle. At least by the time all return to normal.

Thereafter, you have to be attentive to each new symptom for anticipated future power, but some, of Hemorrhoid crisis.

Cause 2: lifestyle

You have a little forced on alcohol, spicy foods, and you are a regular smoker? And on top of that you are fond of coffee and tea? In short, you consume all the foods that promote the occurrence of hemorrhoids. The first thing to do is watch the last 7 days you have consumed this list and delete at 7 coming days.

This does nothing guaranteed in the disappearance of your problem, but at least it will not worsen.

Look also at the side of your plate. Too industrial and diet low in fruits and vegetables can also be a cause of occurrence of hemorrhoids.

Cause 3: Repeat sitting

You are a hardened sedentary? Hey, repeated and prolonged sitting (like standing) is another trigger of hemorrhoids. This leads to a stagnation of blood in the party naked interests and thus promotes the onset of hemorrhoids.

Here, the goal is to move a little more, to do sports for example, without doing too much (because the opposite is also another trigger factor).

Cause 4: pregnancy

You are pregnant or new mother? The best job in the world also has its share of annoyances. As you have as much need of blood for you but also for your baby, it will cause you to venous disorders. And guess who is going to come knocking on the door? Hemorrhoids.

To summarize, these four causes will have the effect 3 actions:

  • an excess of arterial blood flow to the “packages” hemorrhoidal
  • discomfort in the anal veins drain
  • relaxation of elastic fabric which retains the packages against the duct wall of the anus (prolapse).

Well, now that you know the cause of your hemorrhoids, as promised, here is the method I used to get rid of it permanently.

» The 4 causes (real) your hemorrhoids