Pregnancy and hemorrhoid, the simple trick to get rid of

Pregnancy and hemorrhoids often go together. You expect a happy event, but small daily worries disturb your happiness? Do not worry, these are just small hassle that it will be easy to find a cure. In fact, pregnant women often have to deal with venous disorders which cause hemorrhoids. I propose today to end your pain through simple and effective natural techniques.

Pregnancy and Hemorrhoids: why and how?

The hemorrhoids during pregnancy is a condition suffered by more than 50% of pregnant women and over 30% of young mothers. If you have ever had before then, the risk of recurrence is higher during this period. The reason ? Because pregnant women are more likely to suffer from vein problems because of the large amount of blood flowing through their bodies.

During delivery, by dint of pushing, it is also possible that it helps to develop the outgrowth located at the entrance of the anus and accentuate the swelling of venous tissue.

Thus, the dilated veins causes the appearance of hemorrhoids, varicose veins and even bleeding gums. Besides the dilated veins, you will also count with frequent constipation, which also contributes to increase the risk of hemorrhoid.

In any case, there are efficient treatments that do not suffer too much and prevent it from re-offending. This does not necessarily go through a major operation, but rather by small habits to acquire gradually, but that will change your life.

A trick to relieve your hemorrhoids

If you suffer from hemorrhoids during pregnancy then you will agree that the pain that is felt and bleeding does not always make you want to go to the bathroom. But if you hold back, it will only worsen the situation. Indeed, the stool will harden, which will make it even more difficult operation or cause risk of constipation.

To avoid having to push too hard and staying too long on the toilet seat, it will be necessary to opt for a diet rich in fiber and make fruit juice cures, as this will help relax blood pressure .

If the pain is too great, it will be possible to opt for mild laxatives and wipe with baby wipes to not irritate the anal area or to opt for natural treatments based on Aesculus hippocastanum that will help reduce pain and relieve inflammation of venous tissue.

» Pregnancy and hemorrhoid, the simple trick to get rid of