Hemorrhoids Internal Vs External: a simple method to get rid of

Internal or external hemorrhoids? People who suffer do not always know what kind of condition they are facing. Indeed, few people know that there are two kinds of hemorrhoids and treatments that can cure are different. I propose today to highlight these two types of hemorrhoids and know the various tricks that allow to overcome.

Internal and external hemorrhoids, they different?

Internal and external hemorrhoids are far from equal. When we talk about hemorrhoids, we often think wrongly that they resemble those kinds of protrusions located at the entrance of the anus. Admittedly, this is not entirely false, but a hemorrhoidal crisis may manifest in various ways. Indeed, these growths are noticed on the anus that can be called “external hemorrhoids”, while if the pain comes from the inside of the rectum, after dilated veins and inflammation tissue then is what is called an ” internal hemorrhoid” .

In both cases, the symptoms are not nearly the same, which can mislead you. Thus, to know exactly the nature of the condition, it is imperative to consult a doctor who will prepare a thorough diagnosis and who will be able to determine what type of hemorrhoid you suffer.

The different ways of treating

For external hemorrhoids, you can choose between various treatments for both fast and efficient. Among them, we include sitz baths and more balanced diets rich in fiber.

Take sitz baths

Sitz baths are interesting since they allow you to enjoy moments of appeasement. To do this, you just have to boil the plants with astringent qualities in hot water and then cool the mixture. You will then pour the mixture into a bowl and sit over there to help the veins to contract. You may like to repeat the exercise twice a day due to small sessions of five to ten minutes, making sure to put the knees up to the neck. If warm water is already interesting, you can also try it with cold water, even opt for a bowl of ice water, the effect will be only faster.

Opting for a food rich in fiber

If you suffer from external hemorrhoids , you must start by regulating your diet, and that, by opting for fiber-rich foods such as bananas, grapefruit, spinach or cereals. Indeed, the fibers will relieve you of the pain that induce hemorrhoids. In addition, they help to stop bleeding and heal inflammation.

Opt for homeopathic treatment

The Aesculus hippocastanum is an effective remedy against internal hemorrhoids. Not only the plant has astringent properties that will help relieve pain, but also helps to treat inflammation of the venous tissue. You can follow a treatment over a week, but of course, for the dosage, it will refer the matter to a homeopath who will be the sole authority to prescribe the best dose depending on the frequency and severity of pain.

Generally, he will prescribe a pellet morning and evening after meals and every quarter of an hour in times of great crisis. If hemorrhoids occur as a result of venous congestion, you need to take five granules five times a day.

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