Hemorrhoid Treatment: all existing solutions

Hemorrhoids are one of the few diseases dangerous to health but rather annoying either physically and psychologically. Medically, hemorrhoids are inflamed veins in the area of ​​the anus and lower rectum.

They may well be compared with varicose veins. A hemorrhoid treatment was developed that can be declined in different forms depending on the symptoms.

Hemorrhoid Treatment: of course it exists

There are natural ways to treat hemorrhoids stage 1 and 2 or less advanced. This involves applying an ointment made with colloidal silver or cream locally or balls appear. This hemorrhoid treatment can only be used for external hemorrhoids.

In terms of internal hemorrhoids is treatable through suppositories or similar drugs to swallow. The treatment will depend entirely hemorrhoids symptoms, which determine the state of progress of your illness.

These treatments are not absolutely binding and allow initially relieve itching and then in a second time to decrease to remove hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid Treatment: Surgery

For too advanced hemorrhoidal disease surgery is often the only solution when formed balls in the anus are too great, especially after a thrombosis (blood clot). To treat hemorrhoids must then remove.

The hemorrhoidectomy is then the only solution if a laser treatment for hemorrhoids decrease in volume until it disappears completely.

It is good when the problem resolved to pay attention to different plateaux hemorrhoid as too little fiber diet, too frequent use of pepper, the practice of anal penetration or even to stay too long hours sitting it which does not promote blood circulation .. which are aggravating factors.

» Hemorrhoid Treatment: all existing solutions