Are Hemorrhoids inevitable?

You suffer from hemorrhoids and you say that it is inevitable? Well aware that this is far from the case and that they should not even be considered a disease. Note that hemorrhoids occur naturally in our intestines simply because they provide anal continence. Now that they are painful, and qualified and illnesses by people who suffer depends on their nature. More details about this.

What to know about hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are small pads that form the anal canal due to the presence of veins which expand ongoing basis. When the expansion is abnormally, a hemorrhoidal crisis is at the rendezvous. This crisis is manifested by anal pain unbearable during the defection. The blood clot formation occurs in the majority of people suffering from hemorrhoidal disease.

Note that there are two types of hemorrhoidal crisis ie internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids are found inside the anal canal and do not involve pain. For this reason, the majority of subjects with these types of hemorrhoid just not consult because they are not aware. Indeed, a rectal examination is necessary to detect these types of hemorrhoid.

External hemorrhoids, meanwhile, are easy to find in addition to being visible. As they are at the edge of the anus, a portion containing nerve cells, they cause acute pain during the defection. Those who suffer should refer to not have to endure all the time pain.

What are the causes of hemorrhoid attacks?

The hemorrhoid attacks can have many causes, but the most common obesity remains. Indeed, overweight implies a significant load on the anal vessels and thus hemorrhoidal disease appeared. Constipation, lack of physical activity or intense stress can also cause the hemorrhoidal attacks.

If the failure to practice a sports night for the proper functioning of the veins, the much effort and constipation involve large pressure on the rectal veins. The pressures in turn lead to excessive swelling of the veins.

Know that hemorrhoids can also be hereditary. So if Mom or Dad is suffering from hemorrhoidal crisis, it is also possible that one of the children presents a case of hemorrhoids.

Why some pregnant women suffer from hemorrhoids?

Given that some pregnant women do not escape a hemorrhoid crisis, some do not hesitate to call fatality of the disease. However, this fact has a precise scientific explanation. Above all, it is important to note that even a woman who has never suffered from hemorrhoids in his life can contract a hemorrhoidal crisis once pregnant.

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