2 remedies grandmother against hemorrhoids that work: scientific evidence to support

I propose today to discover two remedies grandmothers against the hemorrhoids easy to do everyday and whose effectiveness has been proven! Hemorrhoids LEAD a feeling of discomfort in everyday life and if you have to, you know besides the difficulties to remain seated for a few hours, it is the pain which are insurmountable.

Solution # 1: crystalline solution Alum

This remedy anti hemorrhoids is based on the use of alum (aluminum sulfate and potassium), which you can find commercially as a powder, pens or crystals. Typically, this is used to treat cuts and small bleeding, but it will also reduce the pain caused by hemorrhoids.

To do this, you must pay a dose of alum in five doses of hot water that you will leave for a few hours to obtain a saturated solution. Once the ready, you can use it to moisten a cotton you will place on the rectum or injecting it into a dropper that you will put into the anus to relieve inflammation. Made twice a day, these simple gestures will promise you convincing results.

And if you want faster results, it is possible to increase the rate of use, but be aware that too frequent use may cause damage to the tissues rather than cure, as alum, let us recall it is still a highly concentrated solution.

Solution # 2: the sitz bath

The other alternative is the sitz bath. This method also helps relieve pain caused by the disease and help reduce hemorrhoids. Thus, you simply dip your behind in a basin of cold water obtained after putting boiling dried oak bark, lemongrass or witch hazel.

The ideal is to adopt a fairly comfortable position, but ensuring slightly raise the knees. Many people mistakenly think that the best way to quickly reduce hemorrhoids is to sit on the hot water. Note that if the cold relieves pain and helps to shrink blood vessels, hot water will increase the dilation of blood vessels and thus, strengthen the crisis of hemorrhoids.

If the effects are felt quickly, you have to think to make two to four baths seat per day in the morning after cleansing and after meals. I would also add that it is not interesting not stay more than fifteen minutes at each session at the risk of having to reckon with skin problems.

2 other remedies to end definitively with hemorrhoids

There are other remedies that can overcome the pain as homeopathic treatments and natural treatments herbal that also promise positive results after a few weeks of use.

Among the natural treatments to remember, I suggest opting for the use of witch hazel or Aesculus hippocastanum which helps to reduce the hemorrhoid while reducing pain and preventing the symptoms come back afterwards. Known to be a plant astringent, witch hazel is to be applied to cotton and to place on the rectum during the night.

To avoid end up with complications seen that the place is already fragile, however, I suggest you make sure you are not allergic to both plants before applying the swollen part.

» 2 remedies grandmother against hemorrhoids that work: scientific evidence to support